You may be independent,
but you're never alone.
When it’s time to build your business, consider us your top-of-the-line tool kit. We want you to be prepared for any job, no matter the area of expertise. At Berthel Fisher, we meticulously choose the financial planning tools we offer our advisors so you can get the support you need to grow your business. Simply put, our financial planning tools hit the nail on the head, every time.

Business Development / Financial Planning Tools

Our platform provides you the flexibility you need to manage client accounts yourself or you can leverage the expertise of our investment managers. Our strategic partnerships provide you discounts through valued vendors such as Moneyguide Pro, Naviplan and eMoney. Along with financial planning tools we also offer:

  • Business analysis and growth development catalysts
  • Succession and contingency support
  • Practice acquisition support
  • Retirement support