You’re the QB.
We’re the offensive line.
Our executive team has decades of combined experience. We’re always working for you to bring the best selection of investment products and advisory services that will allow you to efficiently run your practice. We're proud that our executives have a very hands-on approach. They're constantly keeping up-to-date with the industry and are easy to approach. Access to executives is important to us, and our team's expert advice is simply a phone call or meeting away. We’re suited up and ready to play so you can be the MVP.

Company / Leadership

Executive Team

Thomas J. Berthel

Chief Executive Officer/President/Chairman of Board

Tom Berthel founded Berthel Fisher & Company in 1985 and serves as Chief Executive Officer, President, Director and Chairman of the Board... (Read more)

Ronald O. Brendengen

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Ron Brendengen joined Berthel Fisher in 1985 and directs the Company as Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Director of Berthel Fisher &... (Read more)

Rick M. Murphy

Executive Vice President

Rick Murphy has been with the Company since 1995 and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Berthel Fisher & Company. He... (Read more)

Andrew J. Christofferson

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Christofferson is Chief Operating Officer and Director for Berthel Fisher subsidiaries. Andy joined the Company in 2012 and holds FINRA... (Read more)

Paige N. Swartzendruber

Senior Vice President Business Development

Paige Swartzendruber joined in 2007 and serves as Senior Vice President Business Development of Berthel Fisher... (Read more)

Steve C. Hannah

Chief Information Officer

Steve Hannah joined the Company in 2017 and serves as Chief Information Officer for Berthel Fisher subsidiaries and President/Director of iPRISM.... (Read more)

Joanna M. Schaul

Senior Vice President Administration

Joanna Schaul is Senior Vice President Administration and Secretary for Berthel Fisher subsidiaries. Joanna joined Berthel Fisher in 2005 and holds FINRA... (Read more)


Vice President/Controller

Brian Rupp serves as Vice President and Controller for Berthel Fisher & Company and its entities. He joined Berthel Fisher in October... (Read more)

Brittany M. Noethen

Chief Technology Officer

Brittany Noethen is Chief Technology Officer for Berthel Fisher & Company and its subsidiaries and has been with the firm since 2003.... (Read more)

Shelley R. Davenport

Vice President

Shelley Davenport serves as Vice President of Legal and Regulatory Matters for Berthel Fisher subsidiaries. Shelley joined the company in 2004 and... (Read more)