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Welcome to RISE

Respect • Inspire • Strengthen • Encourage.

Berthel Fisher‘s goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages women to be a part of an important need in this country, the need for financial advice.

RISE hopes to attract more women to the financial planning industry by:

Sharing their journey - A successful woman advisor understands the personal, educational, and professional investment necessary to become a successful female advisor and has considerable insight for those either starting down the path or considering it.

Becoming role models - Seeing other women prospering in a male-dominated industry is encouraging because it makes a career as a financial professional seem achievable and provides a reference point for success.

Demonstrating a work-life balance - Financial planning is an extremely flexible and rewarding career. That flexibility can offer a work-life-balance that demonstrates how women can flourish in their careers without sacrificing the needs of their families.

Defying stereotypes – Successful female advisors are impacting the industry with uniquely feminine insights, empowered by confidence, and making important contributions of their own

Inspiring confidence - Provide a voice in our schools and culture at large that encourages women to develop strong mathematical skills, technical competencies, and awareness about financial planning.

Advocating for our industry - Establish their presence through social media, online and in-person forums, community, and professional events, and by positioning themselves as thought leaders through publishing and public speaking.

As RISE continues to evolve, we plan on communicating with timely articles, seminars, and industry events through our LinkedIn group and the Advisor News. We also meet at the BFC National Conference.

If you would like to join RISE, please contact Paige Swartzendruber, Chief Business Development Officer, or 800-356-5234 ext. 360.

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