Minimizing stress to
maximize your potential.
When you're a Berthel Fisher advisor, we want you to always feel like you're getting the support you need. That's why we offer a 1:6 staff to advisor ratio, so our team is always ready to take care of you and yours.

Support / Home Office Support

Rep Resource Center

Our rep resource center serves as an extended home office for your business. And, you won’t be on hold with an automated menu, or talking with personnel only known by their badge number. You’ll receive personalized support by working with the same team of home office personnel who are familiar with your needs.

Tech Support Team

We employ a team of top-notch professionals to help educate you and support your technology needs. Not only is our tech team a resource for hardware, software and service recommendations, they also offer remote assistance whenever you need it. With our skilled team, you can rest easy knowing your technology will always be operating smoothly.

Trading Desk

We’re always working to provide you the very best resources so you can boost your profits and meet all of your clients’ needs.  Our full time traders are available as a resource for your practice, along with bond support, they also provide assistance with IPOs, equity trades and more.