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You’re the QB.

Our executive team has decades of combined experience. We’re always working for you to bring a diverse selection of investment products and advisory services that will allow you to efficiently run your practice. We're proud that our executives have a very hands-on approach. They're constantly keeping up-to-date with the industry and are easy to approach. Access to leadership is important to us, and our team's expert advice is simply a phone call or meeting away. We’re suited up and ready to play so you can be the MVP.

<strong>Thomas J. Berthel</strong>

Thomas J. Berthel

Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board

<strong>Andrew J. Christofferson</strong>

Andrew J. Christofferson

Chief Operating Officer

<strong>Rick M. Murphy</strong>

Rick M. Murphy

Executive Vice President, Due Diligence

<strong>Paige N. Swartzendruber</strong>

Paige N. Swartzendruber

Senior Vice President Business Development

<strong>Joanna M. Schaul</strong>

Joanna M. Schaul

Senior Vice President Administration

<strong>Brian M. Rupp</strong>

Brian M. Rupp

Vice President, Controller

<strong>Shelley R. Davenport</strong>

Shelley R. Davenport

Vice President, Legal & Regulatory

<strong>Brittany M. Noethen</strong>

Brittany M. Noethen

Chief Technology Officer

Kim Chapman

Kim Chapman

Chief Compliance Officer

<strong>Randy Wilcox</strong>

Randy Wilcox

Vice President of Compliance & OSJ Manager

<b>Scott Ginger</b>

Scott Ginger

OSJ Manager

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